CBT for Pre-teens
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a problem-focused type of intervention. Rather than an in-depth focus on past experience, cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT) seeks to teach children to become their own therapist. CBT helps kids recognize their thought patterns and identify where and when those patterns help and where they hurt. Using problem solving strategies and skill building techniques the child, parent, and therapist work together to change dysfunctional thoughts and replace them with more proactive thoughts and behaviors.

CBT emphasizes collaboration and ongoing effort outside of the therapy session. Children will regularly be assigned homework to increase their awareness of their own feelings (we try to make this fun! And we often give prizes and rewards!). Frequently they will need some assistance from their parents to help identify and record this information. The connection between feelings, thoughts, and behaviors will be a central part of our discussion as will the ability of the child to make changes within that

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