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Is DBT for You, Or Someone You Love?

Are you curious if Dialectical Behavior Therapy might be a good choice for you or a loved one?

If you answer Yes to 4 or more of the following questions, DBT could be a fit for you.

1. Do you find that “little things” often set off emotional fires that are difficult to get over? Do you or people close to you consider your reactions to be “over the top”? As a child, were you told you were “too sensitive”?

2. Do you find it hard to say “No” to others even though you want to? Is it hard to ask for things that you want or need?

3. Do you find that sometimes, when you are really upset, that you want to hurt yourself, or think you would like to be dead? Do you ever harm yourself intentionally or consider killing yourself?

4. Do you find that when an important person in your life is upset with you that you feel as if you cannot survive without that person?

5. Do you over express or under express your anger? Does anger cause a problem in your life?

6. Do you sometimes confuse about who you are? Do you dislike yourself or feel unworthy?

7. Are your relationships turbulent or chaotic? Is keeping long lasting relationships sometimes a problem?

8. When you are upset, do you sometimes feel that others are trying to hurt you on purpose, even though later you realize this might not be true?

9. Are you afraid of your emotions because you are afraid you can’t control them?

10. Do you make impulsive decisions that you regret later?


If this is you the DBT should be something to consider. Please call us today for an appointment with one of our certified therapists or email us.

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